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This software product is depricated. PX-Edit is recommended as a replacement.

PX-Make 2000 

October 21th,  2004

PX-Make 2000 ver 1.8.40 now ready for download.

Latest changes :


Minor cosmetic problem when a CELLNOTE and CELLNOTEX refers to same group of cells 


Problems with MS Access support solved 


Minor problems with import og .csv-files solved


PX-Make saves the latest choice of viewing codes or values in the data grid


Problems loading csv-files with "..." solved

Option to show codes or values in data-grid

Support for up to 6 dots (PX-make 2004)


Faster load of large files


Small problem with KEYS corrected

Better support for loading data from text-files (.txt, .csv)

Problems with PRESTEXT solved



What is PX-Make

PX-MAKE is a tool to create input files to PC-AXIS in an easy way.

PX-MAKE has been re-written and the new version is named PXMAKE 2000.

There are several changes in relation to former versions:

·  It is possible to read and edit metadata only - without importing data.

·  Metadata can be imported from PC-AXIS, EXCEL etc, MS ACCESS, Default data text file or written from scratch.

·  Files can be saved as ANSI respectively ASCII.

·  All keywords in PC-AXIS2000 can be created in PX-MAKE.

·  The file of Default metadata can be maintained through PX-MAKE.

·  Tables containing several contents and units can be created.

·  No limits of table size (only the memory in the PC sets the limits)

PX-MAKE is developed by Statistics Denmark Statistics Denmark also has the Copyright on PX-MAKE.

PX-MAKE can be used free of charge by anyone.

Statistics Denmark will be happy to advise in the use of PX-MAKE and courses can be conducted.

Statistics Denmark takes no responsibility for any inconveniences, which may occur due to the use of PX-MAKE.

   The file '' is a standard zip-file.
   Extract into a temporary directory.  
   Then you run the setup.exe found on that directory.
   By doing this you install PX-MAKE 2000 on your pc.
   After setup you can delete the temporary directory

PxMake 1.8.40 Install

PX-Make 2000 user's guide

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