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In 2015, the UN's 193 member states adopted 17 Global Goals also called Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. The Global Goals are goals for all countries in the world and for everybody around the globe. They aim to develop the world in a sustainable direction, with less hunger and inequality, more education and development, and sustainable development in the use of the planet's resources – with a particular focus that the development and improvement should benefit the poorest – formulated under the goal of 'leave no-one behind'.

More information on the work on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals can be found at the UN's Sustainable Development website:

Statistical information about meeting the Sustainable Development Goals can be found on the United Nations Statistical Office's website on SDG indicators:

And the Danish government's plan for fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals can be found here:

On the website of the European statistical office Eurostat: - you can find a list of links to national and international websites about the Sustainable Development Goals.



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