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Research, Technology and Culture, Business Statistics
Petur Solnes Johnssen
+45 3917 3056

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Last updated: 18-01-2020

The purpose of collecting data on trade in IP-rights is to estimate the size of and the development in the trade and use in Intellectual Property Rights (patents, trademarks, design, utility models) of Danish enterprises.

These statistics was established on 2008 in cooperation with the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

Statistical presentation

The purpose of the statistics is to show the size and the development in Danish enterprises' trade in IPR (patents, trademarks, design, utility models).

In the statistics are shown trade with IP-rights as well as the enterprises administration and use of these rights.

Voluntary questions are to some extend included in surveys.

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Statistical processing

Annual data collection from a sample of 3,000 enterprises out of 17,000 with more than 10 FTE (Full Time Employed). The enterprises are grouped in 45 strata, each subdivided in two (prioritized/not prioritized)

The final weights are compiled according to total number of enterprises in each strata and the number of responding enterprises. In case unreliable data are observed, clarification is made via contact to the enterprises.

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Statistics on trade in IPR meets some of the clients needs. Some clients could like to know the value of trade, which is not collected from enterprises.

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office and business associations are main users of the results.

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Accuracy and reliability

The IP-rights traded is in some cases based on an estimate from the respondent, and therefore there are some uncertainty connected with the raised figures. Further, the sample strategy itself leads to uncertainty.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Yearly as scheduled no later than a year after reference year.

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No other statistics is comparable with this statistics.

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office compile statistics on applications for IP-rights.

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Accessibility and clarity

News from Statistics Denmark and StatBank Denmark.

Results are also included in the publication Innovation and R&D "Innovation og forskning"

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