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Mission and values

ADAM is and should continue to be the central economic model when analyzing economic policy in Denmark.

The prerequisite for this is that the model 

- is able to analyze current economic-political challenges

- is consistent with widely accepted economic theory

- reflects all structural economic relationships

- is empirically based on the latest Danish official statistics

To be central in formulating the Danish economic policy, the model should be used in the economic ministries. ADAM should also be known and used by other major players in the economic political debate.

It is a prerequisite for the empirical basis, that the databank is always up to date with the newest official statistics and that it contains as long and consistent timeseries as possible. In order to be ready for use for current analysis of important issues, a new model version is published every 1-2 year.

We cooporate with users of the model, data suppliers and other modelling environments, in Denmark and internationally, to ensure the highest level of professionalism and usability of the model.

Adam - a model of Danish economy

The publication describes ADAM (Annual Danish Aggregate Model), which is an economic model of the Danish economy.

ADAM - a model of the Danish economy

ADAM - a model of the Danish economy