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Our projects

Statistics Denmark implements projects in other countries with the purpose to build up these countries’ capacity to produce reliable, comparable, timely and available statistics. Below is a list of some of those countries we currently support as well as some of those countries we supported in the past.

Ghana, Morocco and Vietnam

February 2019 – 2022

Statistics Denmark and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on one side and the national statistical institutions in Ghana, Morocco and Vietnam on the other side have agreed to start Strategic Sector Cooperation projects with the aim to strengthen the quality of official statistics in the three countries.

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Georgia 2019-2021

April 2019 – July 2021

Statistics Denmark is implementing an EU-financed Twinning project with Geostat, the national statistical institution in Georgia. The project focuses on national accounts, extranal sector statistics, business statistics and social statistics. The project is implemented in cooperation with the national statistical institutions of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland and Lithuania.

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Recently concluded projects

Bosnia and Herzegovina 

January 2018 – April 2020

Statistics Denmark has implemented an EU-financed Twinning project with the three statistical institutions and the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project focused on national accounts, statistical business register, structural business statistics, producer prices in service industries and construction, tourism statistical, balance of payment and international investment position statistics. The project was implemented in cooperation with the national statistical institutions of Croatia, Finland and France.

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2002 - 2015

Statistics Denmark has together with Statistics Norway and Statistics Sweden in a consortium called Scanstat provided assistance to the national statistics institution in Mozambique, INE during three five-years planning periods (2003-2007, 2008-2012, 2013-2017). Scanstat had assigned two long term advisers until the end of 2015. The project covered a range of different statistical subjects as well as management support. The financial support was pooled in a basket where a range of donors were involved.

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Every year, Statistics Denmark receives many visitors from sister organisations in other countries.

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