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The aviation statistics sheds light on investments in the airports' infrastructure and on the development of transport of goods and passengers through Danish airports.

The present aviation statistics were established in 1997. Previously aviation statistics were published only in summary form in Statistical Yearbook.

Statistical presentation

The Aviation statistics describe annually investments in the infrastructure and quarterly and annually the development in air transport of passengers and goods through Danish airports.

Quarterly figures on passengers are seasonally adjusted.

Statistics are compiled for domestic and international flights and subdivided into scheduled flights, non scheduled flights (charter and taxi flights) and other flights.

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Statistical processing

Data from the Danish Transport Authority are wholly covering the population and no imputation is made.

Data on passengers are seasonally adjusted.

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The statistics are used widely by e.g. news media, the air ports themselves, ministries, etc. and it is therefore the impression that the statistics are relevant to users.

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Accuracy and reliability

The aviation statistics is based on an exhaustive census, i.e. there is no sampling errors and total error in the final statistics is assessed to be very small.

Minor revisions do occur after first publication but the statistics are generally correct.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Statistics Denmark publishes quarterly data approximately 50 days after end of reference period.

Data are always published at the scheduled and announced time of publication.

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There is a consistent time series dating back to 1990.

Data are wholly comparable with statistics from other countries within the European Statistical System, ESS.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published yearly in Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik (Statistical News) and detailed statistics will be updated quarterly in the online database, Statbank

Selected tables from the statistics are also published in the annual publications, Statistical Yearbook and Statistical 10-year Review.

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