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Population and Education, Social statistics
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Church Statistics

The statistics on the National Church has been produced since 1974. Until 1984 the statistics were exclusively based on data from the the Central Personal Register (CPR) while the statistics for the years 1984-2002 have been supplemented with a survey on the recognized religious communities. In this period the statistics is comparable. For certain main figures comparable time series from 1980 were disseminated.

Comparability - geographical

The statistics concerning deaths and causes of deaths are internationally comparable.

Comparability over time

The statistics have been compiled since 1974. In the period until 1984 results were solely based on information from the Central Population Register (CPR), while from 1984-2002 the statistics were also based on questionnaires from the parishes. This implies that the statistics are comparable from 1984 and onwards. In connection with the publication certain main results are shown in time series. The statistics have not been compiled since 2002.

Coherence - cross domain

Comparable statistics are not available.

Coherence - internal

Not relevant for these statistics.