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Foreign Students

Last updated: 29-09-2020

The purpose of this statistic is to give a description of Danish students' study visits abroad and foreign students' study visits in Denmark within the field of higher ordinary education.

Statistical presentation

The statistics related to exchange students give an annual counting of the number of student exchange programs at ISCED 2011-level 5-6 and 7 educational programs. The statistics is divided by the length of the exchange period, education, geographical area and the exchange students' gender.

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Statistical processing

Data are sent in electronically format to Statistics Denmark. Various control procedures are applied to assure correctness in the data. If necessary the educational institutions are contacted to clarify. In all cases the data are total counts.

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The statistics of exchange students is used e.g. by ministries, researchers, politicians, educational institutions, offices of the educational institutions and other interested parties. The purposes are related to planning (public and private) research, education, measuring of internationalization and debate.

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Accuracy and reliability

In general data are accurate. The data reported are total counts and all data are validated at individual level.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Data for the statistic about exchange students are reported from the educational establishments during January and February. The results are published during spring that year. In general the statistic is published according to the announced time. Due to Covid-19 there have been minor delays of the statistic.

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The Statistical unit of the Universities also publish statistics on exchange students. This statistics counts students being registered at the institutions and not finished stays as Statistics Denmark. For further details refer to The Statistical Services of the Universities - table H - Internalization.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published in Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik. In the StatBank Denmark the statistics is published under the subject International students. For more information please check the statistic's subject page.

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