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Statistical processing

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Research, technology and culture, Business statistics
Petur Solnes Jonsson
+3917 3056

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Statistics Denmark process the collected data, them validate and publish them in Statbank a half years after the reference year.

Source data

The libraries send in data to Denmarks Statistics via an electric survey. The Ministry of Culture provides population for the statistics.

Frequency of data collection


Data collection

Questionnaire and delivery from libraries administration system are used for data gathering. From the libraries administration system there is data on loans, stock, active loaners, et cet. From the electronic questionnaire there comes information on staff, finance and number of visitors.

Data validation

Comparisons are made of data with the data from previous years. If there are large differences in the figures the library is contacted for clarification.

Data compilation

The data is collected at the same level of detail as the final statistics are published on. During the data process the data is grouped and coded to match the categories in the Stat Bank.


Not relevant for these statistics.