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The Population

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Population and Education, Social statistics
Henning Christiansen
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The Population

These statistics show the size, composition and development of the population in Denmark. The purpose of the statistics is to analyze and enlighten the size, composition of the population in Denmark. The purpose is to contribute information about the population for planning in relation to the state , the regions, the municipalities or for private users/firms. The population is electronic available from the 1. of January 1976.

Statistical presentation

The various statistics are based on the resident population in Denmark. The permanent address concept, which is used in the populations statistics, is the same as that used by the local register (the permanent address is defined as the place where you with some regularity sleep, when you are not abroad because of holidays, business trips, or the place where you have your belongings.) The guidance from CPR enumerates furthermore the line of direction concerning the decision in case of doubt, for instance persons who have more than one residence, military service, prisoners, sailors, relocations from abroad and persons who take up residence in another place because of working conditions.

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Statistical processing

The source of the statistics is Statistic Denmark's population register, which daily receives a outdraw which include information about the events such as removals, emi-/immigrations, births and deaths from CPR (Central Person Register)

At the end of the quarter Statistics Denmark extract the population at the municipality level which is published by age and sex and citizenship in Statbank Denmark in the matrice FOLK1.

Input data is not check for errors. Corrections from the source CPR (Central Person Register) will be updated in the database when they arrive.

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Municipalities, countries, government department and other national organizations which want to take advantage of the statistical field of persons in order to improve the planning.

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Accuracy and reliability

The statistics is based on the population registered in CPR (Central Person Register). It is in general taken at being very good.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The size of the population is published each quarter about 45 days after the end of the quarter.

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In compiling the statistics, the circumstance that the occurrence of the events is reported to the central Population register with some delay, is taken into account. As the local register rationalize in the procedure for reporting the event will be reported earlier than before. I the 4. quarter of 1992 shorten the period which Statistics Denmark wait for the delayed reports from 40 to 30 days. In other countries which base the population on register can this period of delay vary.

The municipality reform in Denmark i 2007, reduced the number of municipalities from 271 to 98. For around of these new large municipalities is it not possible to compare before and after 2007 as some of the old municipalities is split up and each part is united with each 2 of the new municipalities. The municipality is after the reform in 2007 is classified as LAU1.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published in the Statbank under Population in Denmark and in a Danish press release.

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