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Statistics on childcare services are divided into two areas: “Children and staff” and “Institutions”.

The area “Children and staff” is divided into two categories 1) childcare before admission to school and 2) childcare after admission to school.

Childcare before admission to school displays the number of fulltime children in the age of 0 to start of school, the number of fulltime staff with pedagogical tasks and staff-to-child ratios (number of children per employee).
Childcare after admission to school shows the number of children and young people and staff in leisure facilities.

In addition, the area Children and staff holds an overview of the number of Recipients of grants for private childcare for all Danish municipalities.

The area “Institutions” holds overviews of the number of institutions in Danish municipalities and the yearly rate for childcare for the age group 0 to 17 years - both of which are broken down by category of care.

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