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Request a quotation

In order to send you a quotation on an update we need you to fill out and send us the following form. You will then get an e-mail confirming that we have received your request. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail please contact us at

Please be aware that our hourly rate for services is DKK 1,377.00 exclusive of VAT (1,721.25 including VAT) and that the price for an assignment is calculated on the basis of the time we spend on an assignment. The time spent varies significantly depending on the complexity of the assignment, the number of variables etc. We rarely spend less than 5 hours on an assignment and some tasks take more than a 100 hours. You can read more about our prices and pricing policy here.

Due to many assignments at the moment you can only expect our response to your inquiry in about 4-6 weeks time. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have any budgetary constraints please indicate that in the form and we might be able to inform you faster whether it is possible to deliver the assignment within your financial capacity.

When handling your request, at Statistics Denmark we collect, use and store your personal data. You can read more about the usage and storage at our Privacy policy for personal data at DST Consulting.