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Innovation in the private sector

Last updated: 15-01-2021

The purpose of the innovation survey is to examine the scope, the nature and the effect of innovation in the business sector including product and process innovation. Data from 2007 to 2016 is comparable, whereas from 2018 the survey is changed in several ways, and results are therefore only to a certain degree comparable to results from former surveys.

The survey is conducted in accordance with the minimum rules laid down in the EU regulation and thereby comparable to the similar statistics of other EU countries for the types of activities and size classes covered by the statistics.

Statistical presentation

Innovation in the enterprise sector is a yearly statistics on resources used for R&D and share of innovative enterprises. The statistics is distributed by sector, size class and region.

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Statistical processing

Data for this statistics are collected via questionnaires for app. 3,000 respondents among a population of app. 9,300 enterprises. The material is validated already during the response from the enterprise, and afterwards followed by computer-aided validation and manual validation. Imputations and calibrated weighting is also a part of the treatment of data.

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The statistics is used by ministries, business organizations, researchers, the media, private enterprises and students. It is used for research, publications from ministries and for international comparison. Indicators based on the statistics is part of the documentation of the knowledge society. Indicators based on the statistics are included in the EU Innovation Union Scoreboard, which is part of the Europe2020 strategy.

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Accuracy and reliability

Errors in the data reports and problems for companies with determining exact amounts that are used on innovation, and when it is innovation and innovation activities. Coefficients of variation (CV) for central indicators in 2018(preliminary data) are under processing.

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Timeliness and punctuality

From the next survey, (2020) the statistics is expected to be published app. 11 months after the end of the reference period.

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The statistics for 2018 is only to a certain degree comparable to results from former surveys. The statistics is to a certain degree comparable with the statistics on innovation in the public sector.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published yearly in a Danish press release and in the StatBank under Innovation. For further information please see the subject page on Innovation.

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