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Statistical presentation

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Science, technology and culture
Agnes Tassy and Monika Bille Nielsen
+45 39 17 31 44 eller +45 39 17 35 95 or

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ICT Usage in Households and by Individuals

This survey is based on a European model questionnaire coordinated by Eurostat. The survey covers among other subjects - access to and use of the Internet and computers at home and at work, - type of internet connection used, - type of device used for internet access - e-commerce - motives and obstacles to Internet usage - use of advanced internet-services, - use of mobile internet - Internet security Result are calculated both for the population as a hole and for subgroups divided by sex, age, occupation, type of family etc. A number of questions concerning access are directed at households instead of the individual.

Data description

The purpose of the study is to analyse the access to and use of the Internet, and to follow the development. Survey questions have been deleted and added from time to time, in order to reflect new aspects and developments. The survey is based on international cooperation, a common Eurostat questionnaire and methodological guidelines.

Classification system

The results of the survey are published on basis of following back ground variables, age, gender, geographical breakdown, education and income.


  • 16-24 years
  • 25-34 years
  • 35-44 years
  • 45-54 years
  • 55-64 years
  • 65-74 years
  • 75-89 years


  • Male
  • Female

Geographical breakdown:

  • Region Hovedstaden
  • Region Sjælland
  • Region Syddanmark
  • Region Midtjylland
  • Region Nordjylland


  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Higher education


  • 50.000 kr.
  • 50.000-100.000 kr.
  • 100.000-200.000 kr.
  • 200.000-300.000 kr.
  • 300.000 kr. -

Sector coverage

Not applicable for this survey.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Cloud computing: Cloud services are either services that offer the possibility to store files on a server accessible over the Internet or software applications run over the Internet.

Household: The concept of households consist of one or more persons, who live in the same home and who are in family with each other (among these also cohabiting partners), but there can only be one married couple in the family.

Individual: Individuals resident in Denmark (excl. Greenland and the Faeroe Islands) in the age of 16-89 years, according to The Central Register of Persons (CPR). People without registered address in the CPR are not included in the survey.

Population: Population; individuals aged 16-89 years.

Streaming: To stream means to watch movies or listen to music online, where no files are saved as a copy locally on the device (e.g. computer, tablet, Smartphone).

Statistical unit

  • Individuals
  • Households

Statistical population

The covers individuals between 16 and 89 years resident in Denmark (excl. Greenland and the Faeroe Islands), according to The Central Register of Persons (Det Centrale Personregister, CPR).

Reference area


Time coverage

2001- The statistics is updated annually.

Base period

Not applicable for this survey.

Unit of measure

Per cent of the population aged 16-89 years. But the indicators can also be published as percentage of Internet users, users of mobile phones or percentage of those that have bought or ordered goods or services online.

Reference period

The survey is carried out by web forms and telephone interviews. Until 2006, the interviews were carried out every month in the period January-April with reference period in the last month and in the last year. From 2007 and onwards all interviews are conducted in March to May with reference period 'within the last three months' and 'in the last year'.

Frequency of dissemination

The statistic is published annually.

Legal acts and other agreements

Participation in the survey is voluntary.

Regulation (EC) No 808/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 concerning Community statistics on the Information Society.

Cost and burden

Not applicable for this survey.


The purpose of the survey is to illustrate the IT-habits in Denmark based on a number of indicators, such as e-commerce, use of cell phones and smartphones and on use of computers and internet. The survey has been developed in cooperation with Danish Agency for Digitization and DaneAge Association.