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Statistical processing

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Science, technology and culture
Agnes Tassy and Monika Bille Nielsen
+45 39 17 31 44 eller +45 39 17 35 95 or

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ICT Usage in Households and by Individuals

The results of the survey are grossed-up to ensure their representativeness. After collecting the data, the sample is grouped by a number of background variables, such as age and gender. Each answer gets a 'weight' that correct possible biases. The calculations are done by a regression estimator.

Source data

The survey is based on a questionnaire.

COVID19 has not influenced the collection of data. Vi expect COVID-19 has influenced the results of the citizens consumption and digitalization e.g. online activities, e-learning, online purchases etc.

Frequency of data collection

The data is collected annually.

Data collection

Web form and telephone interviews.

Data validation

The data is compared to last years results.

Data compilation

The data is compared to last years results are filter checks are made.


No further corrections are undertaken than those already described under validation and treatment.