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Cost Index for Housing Constructions

Arbejdere på stålbjælker

How do the costs for the construction of housing develop in Denmark?

The Cost index for housing constructions is a quarterly statistic that shows the trend in construction costs for housing in general, for single-family houses and for apartment buildings.

Indices for trades and building elements

Each of the three indices is subdivided into eight trade indices (bricklaying, carpentry and painting, etc.) and six indices of building elements such as foundations, the raw construction, plumbing etc. All indices are calculated both in total for each type of trade and building elements and for materials and labour costs too.


Each of the three standard indices cost DKK 846.00 excl. VAT (DKK 1,257.50 incl. VAT) per year.


Standard indices are delivered quarterly approx. two months after the end of the quarter. Indices are available as pdf-files and sent via e-mail unless otherwise agreed.


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It is also possible to combine the tables with other variables or have them combined in a different way than in our standard tables. Read more about our tailor-made solutions or send an email to our consultants at DST Consulting.


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